SUMMARY of Clients hang after YP server rebooting

From: Zhou Shouben (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1992 - 00:30:19 CST

To whom who are interested:

Two days before I posted my request as:
> Does anybody know how to solve the clients hang problem after YP server reboot?
> This is not an always case, but mostly.
> Thaks advance, I will summarize.

I have got several very good replies. They are

The reply from Bob Reardon is:

Here is my summary from my previous submission of the same
problem to the bulletin board....
From: SWS::REARDON "Bob Reardon Maildrop 3F - x4794" 13-JAN-1992 09:28:44.03
Subj: SUMMARY; Clients Hang When Server ReBoots

Problem Was: Under SUNOS4.1.1 client systems hang after the server
is rebooted. The clients usually must be rebooted in order to recover.
The server is both the NIS master and NFS server and there is
no NIS slave.

Replies: There were many replies. The most-commonly suggested solution
was to install Patch# 100342-01. Many people had the same problem and
wanted to know a fix for it. One person whose network included an
NIS slave server also had the same problem.

Solution: We did install 100342-01 which Sun sent over the Internet
via mail in one day. The server has been rebooted once since the
patch was installed. New logins on client workstations still take
about two minutes for the first login after the server reboot - after
that, all is normal. NFS service continues ok without having to
reboot the client.
The patch is actually a new revision of ypbind, so it's pretty easy
to install and does *not* require rebuilding the kernel.

Thanks to all who responded. Reardon@HDS.Sinet.SLB.COM

Another reply from Dan Lorenzini is:


There is a patch for this. I am including the README from this patch.
I have not installed it because of the warning.

Dan Lorenzini Greenwich Capital Markets 600 Steamboat Road
203-625-7937 Greenwich, CT 06830

README for patch 100342-01:

Patch-ID# 100342-01
Keywords: NIS client server rebind
Synopsis: NIS client takes a long time to recover if the server is rebooted.
Date: 1/Aug/1991

SunOS release: 4.1 4.1.1
Unbundled Product:
Unbundled Release:
Topic: NIS rebind patch
BugID'd fixed for this patch: 1046416

Architectures for which this patch is available: sun3, sun4

Patches which may conflict with this patch:

Obsoleted by: Sys_V_Rel4

Problem Description:

  Bug 1046416:

  If you bring a ypserver down into single user and then boot it into
  multi user by either typing control D or reboot, the yp clients
  will take a long time to rebind to the server.

********************* WARNING ******************************

  This is a new version of ypbind that never uses the NIS
  binding file to cache the servers binding. This will have
  the effect of fixing the current symptom. However, it might
  degrade the overall performance of the system when the
  server is available. This is most likely to happen on an
  overloaded server, which will cause the network to produce
  a broadcast storm.



As root and for the correct architecture directory.

#kill the currently running ypbind

kill <processid of ypbind>

mv /usr/etc/ypbind /usr/etc/ypbind.FCS

#copy the new version to /usr/etc

cp sun{3,4}/ypbind /usr/etc

chown root /usr/etc/ypbind
chmod 755 /usr/etc/ypbind

 restart ypbind

Thanks to all who responded

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