SUMMARY: SCSI disk for Sun4/280

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Date: Tue Mar 03 1992 - 18:43:06 CST

SUMMARY of original posting below:

>Does anyone have any experience with connecting a third party
>SCSI disk to a Sun4/280? A Sun sales rep told me that external
>SCSI disk are not supported on Sun4/280's and Sun4/390's since
>the SCSI controller for these machines can only handle low
>speed devices such as CD-ROM's, tape drives, etc. Slow speed
>here means max transfer rate of 1.5MB/sec.
> Is it possible to connect an external SCSI disk to a Sun4/280
> and get reliable performance? i.e. what happens if I
> connect a disk with transfer rate of 2.0MB/s to a controller
> with max transfer rate of 1.5MB/s. Will data just pass at
> 1.5MB/s or will some of it be consistently lost?

The experience from several system administrators indicate that
it is possible to connect a faster SCSI disk to the Sun4/280
controller without data loss. Although the SCSI controller
is rated at 1.5MB/s, it can buffer data to/from the device.
The disks mentioned by the repliers to my questions however,
are in the < 2.5MB/s transfer rate, so although these replies
answer my question satisfactorily, I am unsure if this would
apply to disks with much higher transfer rates than 1.5MB/s

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