Summary: Possible 4.1.2 Filesystem corruption

From: Steinar Haug (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1992 - 16:14:25 CST

> I remember a wee while ago there was some mention that 4.1.2 could be the
> cause of data corruption on filesystems created on earlier releases. I
> don't remember seeing a summary. Can someone please email me the summary
> from this question? I want to make sure 4.1.2 is safe before installing
> it.

That was probably me. I had a bad problem here with disk corruption
after an HP-97548S disk was moved from an IPC running 4.1.1 to an ELC
running 4.1.2. I reported this in Sun-managers & various Sun-related

The question still hasn't been cleared up to my satisfaction. I have
received email from one other user who reported the same type of
problem when moving a disk with filesystem(s) from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2. I
have also received email from a user who claimed that they had had
this problem with some of their HP-97548 disks, and that this was a
firmware problem which was solved by upgrading to newer PROMs in the
HP disks.

At the moment I'm leaning towards the belief that it's a disk problem,
i.e. HP specific, and unrelated to 4.1.1 or 4.1.2. It *may*, however,
be related to the speed difference between the ELC (33 MHz Sparc) and
the IPC (25 MHz), i.e. the faster processor on the ELC triggering the
firmware problem in the HP disk.

Steinar Haug, system/networks administrator
SINTEF DELAB, University of Trondheim, NORWAY

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