SUMMARY: Problems with bind 4.8.3

From: V.Sander (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1992 - 13:08:36 CST

My original question:

>I just installed the bind 4.8.3 resolver including the patches necessary
>for SUN OS 4.1.x on a SPARC 2. Creating the new shared library which
>uses the BIND resolver routines seems to work correct. But due to
>our DNS configuration there is the problem, that localhost isn't resolved
>anymore (localhost isn't defined in evry subdomain).
>My question is:
>Is there any configuration file (like /etc/svc.conf on Ultrix) which enables
>the resolver to look first to the nameserver(s) and if not found in my local

Many thanks to everyone who responded. Most people asked me, why localhost
isn't defined for every subdomain. Obviously this would solve my problems,
but our DNS-Managers thought, that the resolver software should allow
to specify hostnamelookup to /etc/hosts and DNS and I do agree with this.

One way to achieve this is describe on the FAQ from 5th Spetember 1991 at
Point 7.)
It's the "resolv+" software on "[12].Z

The problem is, that it is based on the 4.8.3 code before the patches for shared libraries, so I haven't installed it yet.

The solution to define just localhost.domain doesn't work, because bind 4.8.3 doesn't searches all levels (maybe just an include file to be changed).

Another way is to patch getnamaddr.c that it looks in the host table if DNS failes.

By the way: SUN OS 5.0 will have a similar mechanism like svc.conf on Ultrix.

Volker Sander
Central Institute for Applied Mathematics in KFA Juelich, Germany
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