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From: Frank Allan - Network Manager (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1992 - 23:40:06 CST

I only received one reply to my query (details below), but this was
the answer I needed to solve my problem. Paul Palmer
<> sent the following:
        We have also experienced problems with the binder.

        It appears that no matter what mode you use (user, system, or
network) the binder will corrupt the appropriate CE database the first
time you make a modification. After corrupting the database it seems
to drop core or otherwise die. The next time anybody accesses the CE
database the corrupted database is detected and if the user had write
permissions to the directory, the corrupted CE database is quietly

        Now whenever you start OpenWindows various tools either do not
run or complain at startup about a corrupt or missing Classing Engine.

        The only workaround we have found is to remove the binder
program (for safety reasons) and manually make changes to the various
CE databases. This can be accomplished with the rather poorly
documented ce_db_build and ce_db_merge utilities provided with
Using the ce_db_build program I was able to create network cetables files
successfully. Paul is right about the poor documentation. There is a
man page and that's it. I have asked SUN locally about it and they did
not know the programs existed, are they are now searching for further

This was my first appeal for help and the quick, helpful response was great!

Original Query:
I need help with Binder under OpenWindows 3.
AFTER I attempted to run binder with the -network option, SUN
told me that it doesn't work. It also destroys the CE database.
I managed to recover the CE database, and then tried to run with
the -system option. I continually get core dumps due to
segmentation errors.
OK, so I ran under my own login and created a local cetables to
copy to /etc/cetables on each server and link to each client.
(We have 5 major servers and about 95 clients, all SPARCs, mainly
ELC/SLCs with the servers being SS/2s and a 4/470).

Running Binder as a normal user works ok, as long as you don't want
to create bindings for file types by name. It allows me to create
bindings by content, but when I attempt to create (or duplicate and
alter) bindings by name (eg *.wkz for Wingz files instead of the
default for Lotus 123) it says it is a read-only entry if it has been
copied from an existing entry, or refuses to rename it from
'unnamed-1' if it is a new entry.

I can only assume that the -system option allows creation or modification
of bindings by filename as well as by content, but how do I get it to
work? This has become urgent as tomorrow (Saturday) we need to convert
all our users on all servers to OpenWindows 3.

Frank Allan
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