SUMMARY: HP7475A keeps dying on plots

From: Peter Kaldis (peter@Civil.Concordia.CA)
Date: Wed Feb 26 1992 - 14:15:59 CST

About two weeks ago I posted a request for help with a problem
about plots dying on an HP7475A plotter just before they're finished
plotting. Well I got several replies about flow control problems but
the one that actually sovlved my problem was a reply by Brian Katzung

> We've seen this problem with non-postscript printers on serial ports.
> Flow control seems to get turned off early on the close flush. We are
> still waiting for a response from Sun on this.
> Try adding "stty -echo" after the "cat -" in your hpfilter as a workaround.
> Stty appears to use one of the ioctls that waits for output to drain, so
> everything is flushed before flow control breaks when the device is closed.

My thanks to everyone who replied. If anyone wants the to see all the
replies along with a succinct description of the problem by Brian, send
me e-mail and I'll forward you the complete summary.

Cheers, people

Peter Kaldis Civil Engineering 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W
Unix Lizard Concordia University Montreal, QC
peter@Civil.Concordia.CA CANADA H3G 1M8

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