SUMMARY: Running Open Windows apps on X terminals (olwm on NCDs)

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Date: Wed Feb 26 1992 - 18:09:15 CST

SUMMARY: Running olwm and other Open Windows applications on a X terminal

I had many replies to my question, ranging from "Yes." to complete
Xsession and .xsession sample files.

In summary, it certainly IS possible to run Open Windows applications
(in particular, olwm) on an X terminal if you:

1. Set OPENWINHOME appropriately. (e.g.: OPENWINHOME=/usr/openwin).

2. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the Open Windows libraries ($OPENWINHOME/lib).

3. NCD include Open Look fonts in their NCDware (ncd/fonts/Xol).
   Ensure that these are in your font path.

        xset +fp /usr/lib/X11/ncd/fonts/Xol; xset fp rehash

   The FONTPATH variable was mentioned several times: is this an
   Open Windows-specific?

4. If you use xdm (I don't know whether this means xdm on a Sun,
   or xdm from anywhere), use the `setsid' wrapper on command tools
   to prevent hangs.

Of course, none of this will work if the application uses Display
PostScript, i.e. it isn't an X Windows application.

I have kept all of the responses I got, and will email the file to anyone
on request (requests by email please; posted requests will be silently

Many thanks to all that replied (in no particular order):

        Alistair Veitch
        Stan Novak!snovak
        Nick Sayer
        Raymond Blaak
        Eirikur Hjartarson,
        Juergen Seeger
        Birger A. Wathne,
        Clive Newall clive@asis.unimelb.EDU.AU
        Rand S. Huntzinger
        David C. Tuttle
        Alexander Dupuy
        Barry Margolin barmar@Think.COM
        Rodney P. Rutherford
        Steven Ball
        Tomas Felner
        Richard Kooijman RKooijman@ET.TUDelft.NL
        Remco Bruijne
        Marc Mazuhelli mazu@dmi.USherb.CA
        David L. Markowitz
        Jim Prescott

Apologies if I missed anyone, or if your message arrived too late
to make it into this summary.

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