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From: Oran Davis (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1992 - 08:20:59 CST

Hi netlanders,

>A document has the following 1st line:
>( I guess it tells you how to print )
>soelim | pic | tbl | troff -ms
>What is soelim.
>Why can I no longer find pic on 4.1.1 (I thought I had used it before).
>Any clues (in which FM)?
> >- Oran

I guess asking what it soelim is stupid since man soelim works:
     soelim - resolve and eliminate .so requests from nroff or
     troff input

     soelim [ filename ... ]

Asking about pic produced a host of different answers.
The most common answer was:

Pic only comes if you have the documenters workbench product and is part of
the "ditroff" distribution which does not come with the Suns. You can get
the groff package for free from your favorite gnu archive site and it can
handle pic.

Someone said that it might be available with OS4.1.1 plot option?
Can this be true? I don't feel like loading it just to see.

Thanks for all who answered:

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