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Date: Thu Feb 13 1992 - 12:52:03 CST

Thank you all for the answers.
My original post:
Hi everyone,

Please Help, we have been getting readnews for a few months now and we
continually get the following each time news is downloaded to us:

    relaynews <`bad/695502670.Z' failed, status 16 (see errlog)

errlog has:

   relaynews: no junk group

I have the two nutshell books and can't find any help there. I get about 50 of
these each time. I did grab one of these at one time and ran unpack on it with
no errors.

System is a Sparc 2, 4.1.1 OS.

I have checked inodes and disk space, and both are OK.

Any help or ideas on where/what to look for/at would be appreciated.


    Tim Miller,, 408-428-2005
All of them lead to what I thought it was, but just couldn't find the right way
to get that 'junk' newsgroup working. I received several answers, all of which
boiled down to the following:

You need to create a "junk" newsgroup -- this is where news puts "junk"
articles, i.e., articles which belong in a newsgroup which does not
exist on your system. (You should expire "junk" frequently; also,
occasionally look at the "junk" articles to see what newsgroups are
missing from your system -- you may want to create them -- then again,
you may not!)

If running Cnews, you can do:

        su news -c "/usr/lib/newsbin/maint/addgroup junk y"

or, to do it manually, just create a directory:

        mkdir /usr/spool/news/junk
        chown /usr/spool/news/junk

and add a line to your /usr/lib/news/active file:

        junk 0000000000 0000000000 y

I **THINK** that's all there is to it.
I used the command:
  su news -c "/usr/lib/newsbin/maint/addgroup junk y"

Thanks again to all that answered. Now I can tell the people we get our news
from what the problem was.


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