SUMMARY : Internet/NIS sendmail

From: Eckhard Rueggeberg (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1992 - 18:44:15 CST

This list is great !

Last week, I asked the following question :
How is it possible to use a Sun as intelligent mail router, i.e. how can a Sun use both
NIS and DNS to resolve mail adresses. The answer is (mainly from to Dan Kegel
( and works at least on a 3/110 with 4.1.1 :

1. Use sun-delivered /usr/lib/ as /usr/lib/sendmail
2. Use sun-delivered /usr/lib/ as /etc/, and edit it :
3. Insert definitions for the w (hostname), j (fully qualified internet hostname)
   and m (domain name) macro at the beginning, if you are not happy with what it
   finds itself. I'm not, because our NIS domain name has nothing in common with
   our internet subdomain name.
4. To enable DNS : disable the "Pass other valid names up the ladder to our forwarder"
   entry in ruleset zero, and "Replace following with above to only forward "known"
   top-level domains", too, and enable the "if you are on the DDN ..." entry.
5. To enable NIS name resolving, there were several suggestions :
   - don't use NIS for host names
   - add dummy DNS entries for the hosts you need, even if in other domains
   - use a mayor hack
   I chose the last one, because the first is impractical and teh second is unethical.
   You have to :
   - define a new macro, e.g. Y, by DYhosts.byname at the beginning of
   - instead of connecting to NIS hosts with the given
       R$*<@$%y>$* $#ether $@$2 $:$1<@$2>$3 user@etherhost
       R$*<@$%Y>$* $@$>28$1<@$2>
     thus calling a new ruleset, numbered 28. This is defined with
       R$*<@$*> $:$1<@${Y$2$}> # u<@host> => u<@a.b.c.d host>
       R$*<@$-.$-.$-.$-$*> $:$1<@[$2.$3.$4.$5]> # u<@a.b.c.d> => u<@[a.b.c.d]>
       R$* $@$>0$1 # and S0 will deliver it.
     and resolves NIS hosts to their Internet numbers.
6. If you feel the need for that, you could add routing information. I added
       R$*<@$*.bitnet> $#ether $@VM.GO.DLR.DE $:$1<@$2>
   to forward bitnet mail to a bitnet node.

Thanks to all who responded.
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