SUMMARY of Re: to "Info on adding SCSI disk internally to a SS 2 needed"

From: Bill Bogstad (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1992 - 12:58:46 CST

        In article <>, I requested
information about installing a Quantum ProDrive 105 (SUN104) SCSI disk drive
in a SparcStation 2 which already had a SUN207 drive installed. I received
very helpful information from the following people.

Ric Anderson
Daeshik Kim
Brian Zavatsky
Karl A. Nyberg
Robin Friedrich
Richard Nickle
Mike Slade
Robert Duckworth
Jay Berkenbilt
Henry Bryant

        The basic answer was yes this will work and it is even supported. I
will summarize their responses below.

                                Bill Bogstad

Some comments about Sparcstation 2 compatibility:

Ric Anderson:

>SS1's can't handle any drive bigger than the Pro-Drive 105
>and they can only have two of those. SS2's can handle two 200mb
>drives (or a 200 and a 105) OK according to my Sun FE as of
>last April when I asked him.

Brian Zavatsky:

>... The 105(104) will slide right into your SS2 without any power supply
>problems, or heat related problems and is a fully supported configuration.

Robin Friedrich:

>... From my experience the power supply should be capable of driving
>everything you have attached. ...

The best description of the drive itself follows. I added some information
pulled out of other people's notes to make it more SUN relevant.

Richard Nickle said:

>Heh, I just happened to have the docs for my recently acquired Quantum
>ProDrive sitting on the table nearby, and it's 2am and I just read news, so,
>what the hell. :)
>There's six jumpers on the drive positioned near right-rear-bottom.
>This is what the docs on the jumper settings look like:
> _________________________________
>DC Power-----> ||= __ ||
>(j1) ||= __ _ | | ||
> ||E | | | | | | || Front of Drive
>SCSI ||E |__| |_| |__| ||
>Header-------> ||E |__| ___________ ||
>(j2) ||E | | ||
> ||E [[[ [[[ |___________| ||
> |L______^_________________________||
> |
> |
> Jumpers
> _____ _____
> |o|o|o| |o|o|o|
> |o|o|o| |o|o|o|
> |_|_|_| |_|_|_|
> A A A W E S
> 0 1 2 S P S
>Jumper Settings SCSI-ID SUN TARGET
>A2 A1 A0 (with standard kernel)
>OFF OFF OFF 0 sd3
>OFF OFF ON 1 sd1
>OFF ON OFF 2 sd2
>OFF ON ON 3 sd0
>ON OFF OFF 4 st0
>ON OFF ON 5 st1
>ON ON OFF 6* (default) sr0
>ON ON ON 7 (SUN host can't be used)
>Other Jumpers
>SS OFF* Self-seek test disabled
> ON Self-seek test enabled
>EP ON* Parity checking enabled In for SS2
> OFF Parity checking disabled Out for SS1
>WS OFF* Wait/Spin disabled
> ON Wait/Spin enabled In for SS2

And some possible problems:

Mike Slade:

>... Watch out for the 105s! These drives have been failing in our Suns
>recently - make sure you have it well backed up and can afford the likelihood
>that it will die! ...

Robert Duckworth:

>... All I know about this drive is that earlier models tended to 'stick'
>If it was pulled for upgrade it's probably O.K. though. ...

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