Re: SUMMARY: MIPS ratings for sun 3/160

From: Wolfgang Henke (wolfgang@netcom.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 12 1992 - 20:55:53 CST

peter@Civil.Concordia.CA (Peter Kaldis) writes:
> About a week ago I posted asking if anyone
> knew what the MIPS ratings on a Sun 3/160 is.
> Well I got several responses from people quoting
 actual Sun literature figures. The consesus is
> that this machine is about 3 mips. (68020 CPU
> @16.67 MHz). Also the addition of an FPA board

Peter, you are an optimist. Even better is the figure of 12.5 MIPS
in burst mode for the 68020 from the Motorola data sheet. :)

Those you want to do some first hand experimenting: in Mountain View is a public Unix site running on a 3/160

and also in Santa Clara, CA runs on a 3/160 with public shell access.

    Wolfgang Henke

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