SUMMARY: Probems hooking up a SPARCprinter

From: Richard J. Niziak (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1992 - 22:03:42 CST

Earlier I wrote:
>Sys: Sparc1
>OS 4.1.1
> After it is all setup and I try to print, the lpc stat for the printer
>says: sparc: ready and printing. Unfortunately, it never does.. after
> queuing enabled
> printing is enabled
> 2 entries in spool area
> unable to print: sys err: invalid argument

And the problem was that I didn't have the LWP and ASYNCIO configured in
the kernel... I didn't RT(whole)FM, the section in question is in the
appendix B, page 4 in the NeWSprint INstallation & Admin manual...
see step #3 on that page...

Thanks go out to :

uunet!!phanes (Pamela D. Hanes)
uunet!millidc!indigo!djm (Drew Montag)
Steve Szymanski <uunet!!sjs>

Rick Niziak
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