SUMMARY: Automount +includes

From: Mark Wiederspahn (
Date: Wed Feb 05 1992 - 19:10:50 CST

Original problem:

We want to daisy chain 2 NIS maps in the direct map:

        automount /-

       (an NIS map)
                local stuff

                        #other-map (an NIS map)
                        local stuff

Everyone who had done anything similar has used *files*, not
NIS maps. Several pointed out that you must cd /etc before
invoking automount if you don't put full pathnames in the
+filename includes.

It may be possible to include an NIS map from a file.

Nobody has gotten two NIS maps to work.

I ended up writing a recursive program which builds the various target
source files on the NIS server by reading and following +includes,
so maintenance of these becomes easier. We have 6 different disk
sub-groups within our NIS domain, so remembering what is common
and what is separate is a chore, which is why NIS is used in
the first place!

Thanks to:

        Fergus J. O'Reilly <>
        Rhod Davies <>
        david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre) (HAO Computer System Managment Group) (Jon A. Tankersley)


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