SUMMARY exiting processes

From: Ken Cox (ldavis!ken@snowbird.Central.Sun.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 05 1992 - 21:07:41 CST

Many thanks to those who responded!

>Sometimes a process attached to a serial port will die unexpectedly
>but remain in the 'exiting' status while waiting for a child which is
>already dead or 'defunct'. This happens on both 386i and IPC machines
>and does not seem to be associated with any program - it happens while running
>tip or in-house programs.

Of the responses, there were two which I found useful for solving my

Run 'trace -p' on the exiting process and through some method which appears
to be "magical" the process will unblock.

I applied the patch 100225-02 to fix some bugs in the STREAMS drivers.

Thanks again to those who replied,

 - Ken

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