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Sorry for the daley, most people would have forgottoen the original
question I suspect.
1) I am having problems with transcript printing small copies of the print
job in the corner of a piece of paper
2) how good is NEwsPrint ? I have sun3/sun4 network moving to Sparcs
and need to consider replacing transcript which I have oinly a sun3

Well I don't know if transcript is still for sale but looks like
NewPrint seems ok especially if version 2.0 is used.

Here are my replies:

                                                        The Florida SunFlash

                          NeWSprint 2.0
SunFLASH Vol 37 #17 January 1992

        o Upgrades SPARCprinter and all NeWSprint-driven printers with
            new functions and performance with no new hardware required!

        o NeWSprint can now be used to direct print jobs from nearly any
            computer to nearly any printer on a network. This includes
            Macintosh and IBM PCs

        o Support for printing Type I fonts embedded in imported
            PostScript files

        o 24-bit color support

        o Improved performance for color and raster images such as scanned

        o Network printer control with NeWSprint tool

        o Developer's Kit allows users to write interfaces for any format
            or any printer

        o Control of SPARCprinter's 300 or 400 dpi from Window-based
            NeWSprint tool
        o Printer's Palette (Vol 1) on CD with over 170 NeWSprint printing
            products included with complete product information and
            software for more than 25 printers, 600 fonts, and 25 data

        o Password Protection for one RTU per printer

        o Software RIP allows for PostScript language-compatible output to
            any raster device

        o Includes 57 F3 fonts

NeWSprint 2.0 expands Sun's Open Network Printing to work with files
from any computer on the network. Featuring interoperability with MAC
and PC files, and support of Type I fonts imported within PostScript
files, NeWSprint now provides a complete enterprise wide printing
solution for heterogeneous networks. With more than 65 printers now
supporting NeWSprint and developer kits for users to add their own data
filters and printer handlers, NeWSprint 2.0 is the most flexible
networked printing solution for UNIX workstations available!

NeWSprint 2.0 adds support for 24-bit output devices and fast printing of
scanned documents, to extend printing beyond PostScript. NeWSprint is the
only printing solution that supports both printing high quality fast
imaging F3 fonts along with popular Adobe Type I fonts.

NeWSprint 2.0 was developed by SunPics, the Sun Microsystems Incorporated
Business Unit responsible for developing printing products and is being
made available to Sun's customers through standard SMCC channels.


Features Benefits
Upgrades SPARCprinter * SPARCprinter now provides more
                                       features with only a software
                                      upgrade. No hardware upgrade is
                                      - Prints Type I fonts
                                        - Fast printing of scanned documents
                                      - 300/400 dpi selection from
                                      - New data file formats print (HPGL,
                                        Group III,IV, etc.via filters
                                         provided on Printer's Palette
Software RIP * Allows PostScript language-compatible
                                      output to any raster device
                                    * PC and Macintosh interoperability
                                    * Resolution and device independent
                                    * Performance scales with CPU
                                       * Easily installable using CDmanager
                                    * Works with OpenWindows and
                                      SunView(TM) environments
                                    * Upward compatible with UNIX print
                                    * Runs on SunOS(TM) 4.1 or higher

Full network compatibility * Stores fonts and overlays anywhere
                                      on the network
                                    * NeWSprint Tool provides control of
                                      any printer on the network to each
                                    * Transparent access to high-speed
                                      PostScript language-compatible
                                    * Works with networked products to
                                      allow printing from PC's, Macs, and
                                       other UNIX platforms.
UNIX integration * Extends workgroup computing to
                                     printing across multivendor
                                   * Easily integrated with window
                                     system, utilities, and systems
                                    * Replaces TranScript(R)
                                   * Filters for Postscript, *troff*, Sun
                                     raster files, *lpr*, and more
                                   * Includes documentation, sample code,
                                     and a developer's kit to connect
                                     any printer
Color Printing Support * 24-bit output supported
                                   * PostScript color printing faster
                                   * Raster color printing takes less
                                   * Improved blacks for 3-pass CMY
By-Pass Printing Support * Native printer language bypass
                                     (PCL, etc.)
                                   * Monochrome Sun Raster images that
                                     are not scaled print at near print
                                     engine speed
Printer's Palette One stop shopping including multimedia
                                   product descriptions, features,
                                   prices, ordering information, and
                                   even test results. And when you find
                                   the product you need, the
                                   software is already in your hands!
NeWSprint is supported by * Canon * Mitsubishi
the following printer vendors: * Eastman Kodak * Seiko
                                 * Hewlett-Packard * Talaris
                                * Tektronix * Versatec
                                * Shinko * CalComp
                                * Raster Graphics * Sharp
                                * Apunix * SRS Imaging
                                * Xerox Engineering Systems
F3 Font Suppliers * Linotype * URW
                                * Monotype * Morisawa
                                * Bigelow & Holmes

NeWSprint only works on SPARCsystems running SunOS 4.1. However, any
any computer on the network may send PostScript or UNIX print jobs to
the SPARCstation to which any printer may be attached.

SPARCprinter only works on SPARCsystems with SBus (SS1, SS1+, SS2,
IPX, IPC, 630MP, 670MP, 690MP) running SunOS 4.1 or 4.2. A minimum
12 MB memory configuration is recommended. More memory improves

SBus Printer Card only works on SPARCsystems with SBus. It may be
purchased to attach printers with Centronics parallel interfaces
through its very high speed (2MB/sec) port.
NeWSprint 2.0 is based on OWv3. If OWv3 is not present on the system,
NeWSprint 2.0 will still work, but will take an additional 10 MB of
disk space.

NeWSprint 2.0 will work with OWv2, SunView, X, or no window system.

NeWSprint 2.0 allows the SPARCprinter to work on diskless workstations.

One RTU needed per printer
A NeWSprint license is required for EACH printer you attach and use
with NeWSprint, but not every workstation. This is enforced with
a password keyed off the hostid. Users are instructed how to get
passwords as part of the installation procedure.


Description Order Number

NeWSprint CD NPT-2.0-4-4-21
RTU license, 57 fonts,
documentation, developer kit,
Printer's Palette
Single Right-to-use NPT-2.0-X-X-0

Documentation only NPT-2.0-X-X-9

10 RTU Licenses NPT-2.0-X-X-L10

NeWSprint 2.0 is password protected. One RTU is required for each
printing device.

-- -------------------------------------------------------------------

I use TranScript and have beena beta tester for NeWSprint. NeWSprint is
a great idea, but still has some rough spots. 1.0 was pretty hopless,
the recent 2.0 is MUCH improved. Essentially allows you to turn virtually any
printer into a PostScript device, as the rasterization is done in the SPARC
CPU. You don't require a SPARCprinter to use it (although the latter is a very
nice printer). If you do much troff work, as we do, you will find
that NeWSprint is still pretty limited. We have developed somethig we
call ETT (Enahnced troff/TranScript), which supports ditroff, TranScript,
and NeWSprint together. If you wer using Sun OS 3.5, you may have
been using TranScript 1.X or 2.X (probably the former). The current release
is 3.0 and is much improved.
If you are interested in ETTY, contact for details.
Good luck...

Cheerio, Rick Rodgers

R. P. C. Rodgers, M.D.         (415)476-2957 (work) 664-0560 (home)
UCSF Laurel Heights Campus     UUCP:!!rodgers
3333 California St., Suite 102 Internet:
San Francisco CA 94118 USA     BITNET: rodgers@ucsfcca

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ... However we get one annoying problem, that is that now and then we get a page of output that looks ok except a tiny rectangular box 1" wide at the bottom of the page which is a micro-scopic representation of the next ( or previous page of output !) ...

I have a similar problem on my QMS-PS 2200E PostScript printer. Ocasionally an entire page will be printed in a small rectangle in the corner. Sometimes the tiny page is a mirror image of what it should be. Since this happens only very rarely, I have been unable to determine the cause.


We threw away our transcript and replaced it with newsprint. And we are very satisfied with it. Newsprint comes with the filters you need. RE: licenesing talk to your sales.

Openlook also comes with ans ascii to postscript (do a man on mp).



I have 3 sparcprinters all running Newsprint. Licensing for us was only for the machine with the printer attached. As for Newsprint - we have had lots and lots of problems with it - most in the troff area (all troff users must use our old Apple Laserwriters or our NeXT printer) - but all seem to be related to the fact that Sun wrote their own postscript instead of licensing it from Adobe. Figures, mathematical symbols, and rotated fonts are the 3 areas where we have the most trouble. Since our users are scientists writing TeX and LaTeX papers this is a serious problem. Sun's answer so far has been "it will all be fixed in the next release" - sure!

Susan Coghlan Center for Nonlinear Studies Los Alamos National Lab. (505) 667-1444


Many thanks to all those who replied. I wil probabley buy Newsprint and see how it goes....

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