SUMMARY: Problem with esp1: data transfer overrun

From: Martin Wendel (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1992 - 07:49:13 CST (Martin Wendel) writes:

>I had serious problems today with one of the discs connected to
>esp1 (second SCSI interface) on one of my SS2's. The disc is a:
><FUJITSU-2266SA cyl 1648 alt 2 hd 15 sec 85> (1.2GB). We have about
>ten of them on various SUN's and never had any problems with
>them before. I've included some of the log in messages at the end.

>The weird thing is that after reboot startup crashed several times,
>I switched to esp0 with no effect, but after being powered off for
>some time it came up nicely. Anyone got a clue?

I got some answers to this article and they all reffered to cable
or connector problems. It may very well be true, I haven't had this
type of problem since.

I wish to thank:
 Gregg Lahti
 Celeste Stokely
 Russ Poffenberger
for answering.

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