SUMMARY: Sparc touchscreens

From: Phil Mercurio (
Date: Fri Feb 07 1992 - 12:10:03 CST

A while ago I asked for info on touchscreens for Suns (Sparcs).
Several people asked that I summarize the responses:

A couple of people pointed me towards a VAR called Trident which
integrates third-party touchscreens into workstations and X terminals.
I've contacted them and gotten info from them, but we haven't
demo'd or bought anything yet. They do have an OpenWindows driver
available, which is what we need.

        Trident Systems
        10201 Lee Highway, Suite 300
        Fairfax, VA 22030


One person mentioned MicroTouch, and said they _might_ have something
for Suns. I haven't contacted them yet.

        MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
        55 Jonspin Road
        Wilmington, MA 01887

        Tel (508) 694-9900
        FAX (508) 694-9980

Thanks for all your help!

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