SUMMARY: Initial routes on diskless clients

From: Tom Crummey (
Date: Sun Feb 09 1992 - 21:37:08 CST

Hello Sun Managers,

Thanks for the 22 responses over a 4 day period. The answer was very simple:
The local network route comes from the ifconfig of the ethernet device and
the default route comes from the bootparams packet from the server. I'll
include the reply from Hal Stern here:

>the default route comes from the boot server. in the little
>package of boot parameters send over by the boot server, you
>get various server names and a default route.
>if the server has a default route, you get it. if not, then
>you get the server as a host route, or the first route the
>server has.
>to fix, install /etc/defaultroute on your clients, and they'll
>automatcially skip starting in.routed and use that default

Everyone suggested that I use explicit route commands in /etc/rc.local
to change the default setup. This is what I have done. (I don't want a
default route at all for reasons which would take too long to explain).
I put a script in /usr/etc/ and call it from /etc/rc.local so I don't have
to edit 18 rc's when the routes change...

Thanks to:

John Howie
Ian Angles
Steve Jay
Kevin Zimmerman
Greg Skinner
Hal Stern
Ed Arnold
Russ Poffenberger
Mike Raffety
Gordon C. Galligher
Craig Hunt
Paul Kranenburg
Eckhard Rueggeberg
Hans van Staveren
Brian Bartholomew
Anil Katakam
Debbie McGlade
Anthony A. Datri
Brent Alan Wiese

Tom Crummey

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