SUMMARY: Macintosh Simulator for Suns

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1992 - 14:29:30 CST

My original query asked if there were any simulators for the Sun box that
simulated the Apple Macintosh.

The overwhelming answer is YES --> Quorum Software Systems out of Menlo
Park, CA, is supporting a product called "Equal" that amounts to a
runtime interpreter, turning Mac calls into SPARC/680X0 calls. The
price, according to MacWeek (1/20/92), is under $1,000.

There seems to be one other solution. Gator makes an X product the runs
on a Mac and turns it into an X client. It takes over the Mac -- no one
else can use it -- but sends all graphics requests to an X server. Not a
simulator -- it's the real thing. But it wastes a Mac...

That's about it. Thanks to all who responded.

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