SUMMARY: Re: SunOS 4.x mail to root is automagically sent to /dev/null

From: Kayvan Sylvan (kayvan@satyr.Eng.Sun.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 04 1992 - 07:10:12 CST

> From: Mike Raffety <>
> X-Organization: SBC/OC Services, L.P.
> On MY SunOS 4.1.1 distribution, there is no alias for root, but our
> NIS aliases map has one, so everything works well. When there's no
> alias, but the mail is to a valid username, it is delivered locally
> to /var/spool/mail. Possibly you have a "root: /dev/null" NIS alias?
> Please be sure to summarize back to the list; thanks.

The winning reply is by Mike Raffety, quoted above.

Indeed, "ypmatch root aliases" yields "/dev/null".

Thanks and sorry for the confusion. Grumble grumble... damn weird network


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