SUMMARY: Problems installing C2

From: Peter Barneveld (peter@FenK.WAU.NL)
Date: Wed Jan 29 1992 - 05:38:47 CST

The original question (summary):

>Yesterday I tried to install C2 security on a SS 1+ running SunOS 4.1.1.
>This machine serves 4 SS-2's (all with a local swap disk). I followed
>the manual in great detail.
>After booting the server and one of its clients I got loads of mail
>messages (1 per second) saying: "Hard limit exceeded on all filesystems."
>Obviously there is initially plenty of disk space in partition f.
>Any ideas how to install C2 right?

One thing is that one should install patches for rpc.authd, rpc.yppasswd,
and login (I applied patch #100201-04).
The real problem however was the absence of option SYSAUDIT in all the client's
kernels. The manual page reads: "you must include the options SYSAUDIT,
UFS and QUOTA, (the first requires the other two)." Since UFS and QUOTA
pertain to diskfull workstations only, I presumed that SYSAUDIT was also
not needed for diskless clients, which was wrong.

Unfortunately, there remain several post-installetion problems, one of which
I'll submit to the list.

Thanks to all who responded.


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