SUMMARY: q.v. tcsh

From: Gregory Higgins (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1992 - 15:17:19 CST

Overwhelming acclaim. tcsh is a good thing. I haven't yet received my
copy of my posting to sun-managers and I've got 10 responses whole-
heartedly endorsing this csh replacement shell. It's got far too
many features for me to describe here. The latest release has a
12/19/91 issue date.

tcsh is available by anonymous ftp from
It is in the directory path pub/tcsh. You can't miss it.

Notes from our responders:

1) Since tcsh is normally stored in /usr/local/bin, don't make it the
   default shell for root. (prevents problems booting single-user).

2) Make sure you put an entry in /etc/shells. (prevents problems with ftp).

Thanks to :
        B|rje Josefsson <> (Bernard Silver)
        Jason "dedos" Austin <>
        John Hasley<> (Jim Davidson)
        Dave <> (Nathan Hess)
        Tasuki Hirata <>
        Bill Stapleton <>
        'Robert (Fletcher) Williams' <>

Gregory Higgins, Systems Manager,

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