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From: Mahesh Garg (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1992 - 15:20:59 CST

My original posting :-

> I saw the following memory error on the console of my
> SS2 (OS 4.1.1b, 32MB RAM - 16MB from Sun, 16MB from ClearPoint) :
> Parity error reported at 0xffad9db8, actual address is 0xffad9db0.
> Parity Error, ctx = 0x4, virt addr = 0xffad9db0
> pme = e2000842, phys addr = 842db0
> Parity Error Register 98<ERROR,CHECK,ERR00>
> bad module/chip at: U322
> parity error at 842db0 is transient.
> page 842000 back in service.
> System operation can continue
> I have found out that this particular 4MB-SIMM (at U322) is the
> one from Sun. This SS2 is not under any maintenance contract
> (we baught it in June 1991). Should I change this SIMM immediately
> or should I wait till this error reappear ? This is the first time
> I have seen this error.
> Thanks for you help.
> Mahesh


I got several replies to my query and they are so different that it is
difficult to summarize. The following responses represent all the
replies I got.

>From : (David Fetrow)

It'd be a good idea to start shopping for memory. It will almost
certainly happen again and again buyt perhaps only 1/month or

>From : (David Mostardi)

This is NOT fatal. Transient parity errors occur from time to time on
SPARCs. I've only had 2 or 3 in the past two years.

>From : (Karl Morgan)

If it continues to be a problem, I would swap it with one from another
location. Or, it might just need to be reseated. Either way, at least
it corrected itself and didn't panic the system.

>From : (David N. Edwards)

I would guess that the SIMM in question has seen better days. However,
you might try pulling it and re-seating it in its socket - this has
worked for us before; especially on X-terminals. Good luck!

>From : (Jon Fiscus)

We just had a similar error on our gateway machine. At first, we could
just reboot it and it would work, but the system crashed more
frequently as time went on. If I were you, just buy a new SIMM and
swap out the bad one, you'll save yourself a lot of money


Thanks to : (David Fetrow) (David Mostardi) (Karl Morgan) (David N. Edwards) (Jon Fiscus)
Jay Lessert {decwrl,,sun,verdix}!bit!jayl (Eckhard Rueggeberg)

(I know that I missing some names from this list.
 Sorry ! I deleted some emails by mistake.)

Thanks for all you help.


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