Not-the-SUMMARY: Calendar Manager

From: Gregory Higgins (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1992 - 16:55:17 CST

My original question:

>I'm planning on mounting /var/spool/calendar on all workstations from
>the same partition. If you know of any reason this shouldn't be done,
>(ala /var/spool/mail), please let me know.
>On the same subject: Does rpc.cmsd still have to be run on all systems
>in this case?
>Are there any std tools which will allow one to access the calendar data
>from a std terminal command line?

This is not a summary. I will post a summary, but not until I've attempted/
tested/digested some of what I've received. This much I can say right now:
If you have a larger network with active calendar manager users, you
do NOT want to take the naive approach hinted at above. As to what
consitutes large, it may actually be n=2 if simultaneous actions
are attempted. I don't know. But this is my impression from what I'm
getting. I will work on this and attempt to have a summary later this
week. (I do have other tasks running in parallel with this one. ;-) )

Those of you writing to tell about postings on this
subject, thank you. I wasn't aware of them before, I am now and have
aquired them (You have time to read news?) . Those people wanting a
summary, I will get it out. Trust me :-).

If you think you have this working, and you haven't allready sent the
details, please do so. Since I only have OW2 right now, I can't test OW3
solutions, but I will mention them in the summary.

[I actually have a few "this is what works" answers, some of them
mutually exclusive, some of them detailed and some less so].

If you send a solution, would you please send also the number of
workstations in you network (this info will not be posted), and
an estimate of the number of OpenWindows users, and hopefully
a guess-timate of Calendar Manager usage (light, medium, heavy).
I also need to know whether you're running OW2 or OW3. If you're
using scripts aquired off the net or made locally to implement
your solution, send a copy - with attribtion where applicable.

 -Gregory Higgins, Systems Manager,

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