SUMMARY: Tool for generating documentation from C-style comments needed.

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Date: Tue Jan 28 1992 - 07:40:25 CST

Hi! I got one answer to my question and it comes from Bryant Eastham in
Utah. I include his reply at the end of the article. He says that he
wanted to work a while with the parser before releasing anything. He
also points out that he hasn't got time for support, so I guess that the
parser comes "as is". (Henrik.Martin) writes:

>Hello! I would be very happy if someone out there could give me a hint
>about where to obtain a public domain program that is capable of
>generating some kind of documentation-stubs from C-style source code
>I'll summarize of course.
>Thanks in advance!

>Henrik Martin
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  Someone in my organization forwarded your request for information to me
because I seem to be working on the same type of thing. For a year or two
our group has been using the same headers for source files, header files
and function blocks. If your interested in seeing them I can forward them,
but the idea is that if everyone is using the same headers it becomes
trivial to write a parser to generate documentation from the source. The
idea is that a function header looks something like this:

   * Name :
   * Date :
   * anything_else_you_want.

The parser can then look for comments that begin with the word "function"
and then can parse the function.

  If your interested in more information, I'll gladly share my efforts.

  Bryant Eastham

  University of Utah

Henrik Martin 
Ellemtel Telecommunication Systems Laboratories
Office phone: + 46 8 727 36 04 Fax: + 46 8 647 82 76

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