SUMMARY: Newsprint hanging an IPC

From: Jeff Martin (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1992 - 22:18:59 CST

A case of RTFM. Sorry to bother everyone I jumped the gun!!
I was supposed to rebuild the kernel with the module that Newsprint
        Jeff Martin
        Sr. Support Analyst
        Aurora Technologies

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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 92 14:56:39 EST
From: uunet!!jeff (Jeff Martin)
Subject: Newsprint hanging an IPC

I installed SunOS 4.1.1a on an IPC(8 meg, 1.6prom,bw) and then installed
Newsprint 1.0. I printed a frame document and after about a minute the IPC
hung. The printcap entry was a standard newsprint entry for an HPlaser III
connected to ttya. I tried the same thing but connected the laser to ttyb
and changed the printcap appropriately. I received the same result. Knowing
that this should work I booted the IPC as a diskless client with 4.1 OS
and set up newsprint the same way. This worked.

I'm I running into a bug in the OS or in Newsprint? and what should I do
to solve this issue?

Also there are no patches install and 4.1.1 is a fresh tape install!
        Thanks in advance
        Jeff Martin
        Sr. Support Analyst
        Aurora Technologies

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