SUMMARY-Exabyte cleaning tapes

From: Mike Labbe (mlabbe@morph.EBME.CWRU.Edu)
Date: Fri Jan 24 1992 - 15:25:49 CST

Thank you for all the quick replies.

My question was about finding a supplier of Exabyte tape
drive cleaning tapes. A lot of the replies said that I could
just call Exabyte at 1-800-767-TAPE and order them directly from
them. A few other replies gave the name of suppliers local to
the person responding. Basically anyone who carries Exabyte
drives and Exabyte products should have this tape.

There were also a couple of warnings that I should not use
Sony brand tape cleaners as this would void my warranty with
Exabyte and possibly damage the heads on the drive. Only
Exabyte brand tape cleaners should be used.

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