3rd party maintenance [summary].

From: Maint (maint@picard.sbi.com)
Date: Thu Jan 23 1992 - 13:17:07 CST

A while back, I posted a message soliciting others' experience 3rd-party
hardware maintenance.

Here are the responses :-

From: Charles P. Mok 06-Jan-1992 1641 <mok@fortsc.enet.dec.com>
To: maint@picard.sbi.com
Cc: mok@fortsc.enet.dec.com

We do that, even if you have no DEC machines. If you like to, send me your US
mail address and I can send you info.


Charles Mok/Digital Equipment Corporation
Santa Clara Commercial Account Group, Santa Clara, California
INTERNET: mok@fortsc.enet.dec.com  UUCP: ....!decwrl!fortsc.dec.enet.com!mok


>From gregt@sdl.Warren.MENTORG.COM Mon Jan 6 21:01:12 1992 Return-Path: <gregt@sdl.Warren.MENTORG.COM> To: maint@picard.sbi.com (Maint)

Mr. Maint:

We've been using Motorola for almost two years now and have been quite happy with them. We have well over 150 Suns (I'm not sure if they handle HP, Pyramid, or Prime).

Our local contacts name is

Tony Puccino @ Motorola (201) 808-0068

I would definately give them a good recommendation.

Greg Tusar


>From pjg@acsu.buffalo.edu Tue Jan 7 00:38:21 1992 Return-Path: <pjg@acsu.buffalo.edu> From: pjg@acsu.buffalo.edu (Paul Graham) To: maint@picard.sbi.com

See any issue of the sun observer or sun expert for names/address/ph. #. some examples.

full service: DEC PRIME Bell Atlantic (was sorbus) Kodak Grumman Motorola McDonnel-Douglas (was tymeshare)

board/depot level: apex polaris contour quest solar systems asj pinnacle data systems


>From glenn@rigel.econ.uga.edu Tue Jan 7 10:01:21 1992 Return-Path: <glenn@rigel.econ.uga.edu> From: Glenn F. Leavell <glenn@rigel.econ.uga.edu> To: maint@picard.sbi.com

Last July, we switched from Sun to ASJ Support Services, and we've been very happy with them so far. They also support all of our 3rd party (read: non-Sun) equipment like HP Printers and NEC Disk Drives.

They offer several levels of support. We have next-day, on-site service, but you can also get "shared" maintenance in which you do all the installation, while they provide diagnostics via an 800 number.

We've had to call on them several times, and they've always been prompt and helpful.

Our contract contact at ASJ is Shirley Lewis at 800-262-0089.

Good luck!

-- Glenn F. Leavell Systems Administrator glenn@rigel.econ.uga.edu 404-542-3488 University of Georgia Economics Department. 147 Brooks Hall. Athens, GA 30602

========================================== >From optilink!samlb@texsun.Central.Sun.COM Tue Jan 7 19:36:48 1992 From: optilink!samlb@texsun.Central.Sun.COM (Sam Bassett) To: maint@picard.sbi.com

We're very satisfied with Motorola -- Dan Aderhold at their Sacramento CA office can probably give you a quote (or steer you to a closer office):

Dan Aderhold Branch Mgr 7750 College Town Dr., Suite 204 Sac'to CA 95826 1-916-386-8266

The general service number can probably give you the number of the local office in your area, too:


-- Sam'l Bassett -- System Administrator (among other silly things) Work: DSC/Optilink, 1310-C Redwood Wy, Petaluma CA 94954; 1-707-792-7253 Home: 7 Gothic Court, Novato CA 94947; 1-415-897-7424 UUCP: uunet!optilink!samlb; Internet: samlb@well.sf.ca.us

========================================== >From artecon!artecon!stepkirk@hp-sdd.sdd.hp.com Thu Jan 9 00:39:24 1992 Return-Path: <artecon!artecon!stepkirk@hp-sdd.sdd.hp.com> From: stepkirk%artecon@uunet.UU.NET (Stephen E. Kirkpatrick) To: maint@picard.sbi.com

We use Novadyne to handle hardware maintenance for the products that we sell. They are working out well for us.

Novadyne: 1-800-678-3399


P.S. Sorry for the lack of details, I don't work directly on the Novadyne contract. -- --- Steve Kirkpatrick / artecon!stepkirk@hp-sdd.sdd.hp.com /Artecon, Inc. Product Support Engineer/ uunet!hp-sdd!artecon!stepkirk /2460 Impala Drive (619)931-5500 (Voice) / (619)931-5527 (FAX) /Carlsbad, CA 92008

========================================== >From tim@icad.COM Thu Jan 9 11:38:38 1992 Return-Path: <tim@icad.COM> From: tim@icad.COM (Tim Martinez) To: maint@picard.sbi.com (Maint)

I am also looking into 3rd party maintenence for Suns. I am currently waiting for some literature from Apex Computer (phone # 1-800-654-8222) and from Polaris Service (phone # 1-800-541-5831). Both claim to be leaders in independent maintenance. I've heard Polaris is very reliable. Both companies are listed in the Sun Observer January 1992 edition.

Please email me if this was any help or if you come across other 3rd party maintenance organizations I might consider.

Thanks, Tim



>From v-paulk@microsoft.com Thu Jan 9 23:31:53 1992 Return-Path: <v-paulk@microsoft.com> From: Paul Kearns <v-paulk@microsoft.COM> There's a company here in Redmond that I'd highly recommend. Super, super reliable and fair prices, too. I don't know if they work on anything but Suns, but you can find out.

Apex Computer 4500 150th NE Redmond, WA 98056 206/867-1900

Paul v-paulk@microsoft.com


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