SUMMARY: Commercial C/C++ Compilers

From: Amir Katz (matis!amir@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Tue Jan 21 1992 - 20:29:35 CST

A few days ago I posted a query about the availability and quality of
commercial (and PD) C/C++ compilers. From the few responses I got it's
hard to tell which one is the winner, although gcc/g++ seem to have
the upper hand. Therefore I will pass on whatever people had to say.

Also, there are other compilers (Liant's LPI C/C++, among others) which
I have not received any comments about.

Thanks to everybody who responded.

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Sun C 1.1
- ...The unbundled C compiler supposedly produces MUCH more efficient code
  than the regular compiler. Our limited tests have shown 20% speed up.

J. Matt Landrum

Most people are very happy. However, you need a compiler - Saber is
interpreter only.

Note: Saber-C is now called CodeCenter, Saber-C++ --> ObjectCenter.

John Stanley
Ed Arnold
Mark Galbraith
J. Matt Landrum
Chuck Yerkes

AT&T C++
- Quite good.

Boyd Fletcher


- We use AT&T C++ & G++, ATT is quite good. GCC is excellent, however, G++
  is not quite up to ATT's newest version of C++ standard. But, G++/GCC are 
  suppose to goto Version 2.0 by March-ish (If we're lucky).

Boyd Fletcher

- GNU has the Dynamic library problem and it will need to be precompiled.

Chuck Yerkes

- G++ generates better code that C++ + SunC - in my experience. gdb is a lot more friendly with c++ code, and the compile times in a debug cycle (as well as being able to debug optimized code) are much better.

Kevin Sheehan kalli!

- ...I'm all gung-ho for GCC/G++, as the debugger understands C++ and thus does a bit more than follow #line directives around. Also, it's definitely commercial quality. Bug fixes are uniformly faster than commercial compilers (my experience is 24 hours, yes really, although others have reported times up to a week), and if you're serious about it you can dive in yourself.

Colin Plumb uunet!atha!lsuc!array!colin

Lucid Inc. ---------- - Lucid, Inc., the people who build Sun Common Lisp, also have a C and C++ product and will soon have a ObjectWorks/Saber C++ type of programming environment product. I don't know when, but I have high hopes for it.

Jim Dempsey

General Comments ---------------- - What is a "commercial grade" compiler? Just because you pay money for it, doesn't mean it's any good.

Martin Leisner

Speaking to various friends, it appears that *all* C++ compilers have bugs (due to the intricacy and subtlety of Stroustrop's mind); it's just a matter of which tricky construction will tickle them.

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