Re: SUMMARY: Yes, 6-disk CDROM readers are available

From: Scott Carson (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1992 - 15:19:20 CST

With the Tracer driver, the DRM-600 appears to be six independent devices
(one per platter), each with its own block and character special files.
You can mount them anywhere you want, e.g.,

        mount -r /dev/drm0a /answerbook
        mount -rt hsfs /dev/drm0b /sunCD

and so forth. In addition, you can say

        cdplayer -d /dev/rdrm0c

to listen to the audio tracks on the disk in position 3 (c) in the caddy
(for example).

Once you have mounted the file systems, you can export them to other
machines via nfs. Platter switching occurs transparently (except for the
time taken), on demand.

I can't comment on how other drivers work.

Scott Carson
University of Maryland and Tracer Technologies

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