rpc.statd: SUMMARY

From: Tim Evans (tkevans@ssa.gov)
Date: Thu Jan 16 1992 - 20:08:07 CST

I posted the following message yesterday:

>One of our Sun3/50 diskless clients is failing to boot, sitting
>at the "Requesting Internet address for ..." message (i.e.,
>during the bootparams process). Its server is displaying
>the following message on its console:
>clnttcp_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed Out
>rpc.statd: cannot talk to statd at hostname

The statd console message came from the existence of /etc/sm*
on the server. Once removed, the error message stopped. The
reason for the failure of the client to boot was a typo in
/etc/ethers (the client had been up for 50+ days, so who knows
when, or by whom--probably me--the type was made).

Thanks to all who responded.

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