SUMMARY: xdr_opaque: decode FAILED

From: Sam Sampath (
Date: Sun Jan 12 1992 - 05:17:16 CST

My original post:

> I keep getting
> xdr_opaque: decode FAILED
> console messages on our SUNS on a particular subnet.
> Do you have any idea what it means?

We have many VM TCP/IP applications running on
that subnet and it seems to be generating these
messages on SUN.

The most technical explanation came from

Kevin Sheehan <>

>xdr_opaque is the routine that attempts to extract "opaque"
>data from the data stream. opaque data is thought of
>as "data you don't know about" but is typically a
>series of bytes. This message is telling you that
>either the stream got hosed (count is off, or not
>enough data) for some reason.

Also Antonis Kyriazis <> suggested that I
look into network aplications that use VM TCP/IP.

Thanks to
Kevin Sheehan <>
Antonis Kyriazis <>

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