SUMMARY: SoftPC CAN get a PC virus

From: Celeste Stokely (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1992 - 10:11:52 CST

Many thanks to the many who responded! The answer is that yes, the SoftPC
emulation of a PC on a Sun is quite good enough that it can be plagued by a
PC virus that may be introduced into the system thru unsafe diskette usage.
One person sited noted experience with this, and said that s/he was able to
clean up the virus without data loss. Still, it COULD have been

People also said that the virus inoculation programs would work as well,
and several kind folks pointed me to some public-domain programs to help
against the viruses.

Since it dawned on me that to use SoftPC I will need to learn DOS (blech),
and since I would be prone to viruses and the like, I've decided against
adding PC functionality to my Sun. I'll just pay the extra Unix-software
price and get a Unix spreadsheet and accounting package. The pain of PCs
isn't worth the low software price to me. I prefer the "pain" of Unix!

Thanks again for all the help!

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