SUMMARY: lpd forcing a burst page

From: Brendan Kehoe (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 17:25:29 CST

I wrote:
>I've got a printer set up on one of our Suns which works just dandy.
>In the printcap I have `sh#0' explicitly (I know, it's default) so no
>header page comes out. But if a print job comes through with the 'J'
>field (or others) set, it'll always print one. No print jobs coming
>via lpd from any of the Unix systems do it, but jobs from MultiNet on
>our Vax *do* get them. Is it lpd's normal behavior to ignore the
>printcap rules if the lpd config happens to have a burst-page
>parameter listed in it?

My mistake, sh is a bool and should merely be included, not given the
numeric value of 0. Yeesh...sorry. :)

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