3rd party maintenance [summary & more]

From: Maint (maint@picard.sbi.com)
Date: Mon Jan 13 1992 - 14:14:57 CST

A little while back, I asked about 3rd party hardware maintenance for Sun, HP,
& Pyramid boxes.

And here is the list of companies that would provide the services :-
All of them do a variety of boxes/peripherals.

DEC (contact = Charles Mok, mok@fortsc.enet.dec.com)
Motorola (contact = Tony Puccino (201)-808-0068)
Bell Atlantic
Novadyne (contact = 1-800-678-3399)

board/depot level:
apex (1-800-654-8222)
polaris (1-800-541-5831)
solar systems
asj (contact = Shirley Lewis at 800-262-0089)
pinnacle data systems


See also, the Sun Observer January 1992 edition.

Now, does anyone know what number is Sun Observer ? I need to call these guys
up to get the January 1992 edition.

It'll be nice if someone can share their experiences with DEC, Bell Atlantic,
Kodak, Grumman & McDonnell-Douglas. (& their phone numbers too).

I'm primarily interested in the quality/level of services these guys provide
and price differentials.
By quality/level of services, I mean, how reliable/responsive they're, how
knowledgeable they're with Sun & Pyramid systems and how flexible they're
(e.g. how flexible they're when the peripherals are bought from various
different vendors). By price differentials, I mean how much money can I save
- vs. compared to going with Sun & Pyramid. Currently, I've some 2000+ Sparcs
(mostly pizzabox configurations with local Maxtor drives, and some 490 type
servers), and some 15+ Pyramid's.

Your opinions are much appreciated.


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