Re: Memory allocation on SUN (SUMMARY)

From: Duncan McEwan (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1992 - 22:42:33 CST

In article <> (Chris Siebenmann) writes:
> Since Sun hasn't overhauled their monitoring tools (as far as I can
>see) from the BSD ones, it's hard to validate or disprove this idea;
>I'd love to, for example, be able to monitor just what the filesystem
>cache is doing with memory.

A couple of days ago, in comp.unix.admin someone mentioned an undocumented
option to vmstat, -b, which purports to tell you buffer cache stats. I'm not
sure how useful the information this gives is (on a couple of my systems
the "cachesize" always seems to be "64", with no indication of the units that
it is measured in... It's also not clear exactly what the other figures


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