SUMMARY: Help on using MAXTOR LXT disks on SPARC

Date: Mon Dec 30 1991 - 08:44:50 CST

Original letter:

> I have got my hands on a few MAXTOR LXT SCSI disks, mostly
> 213. I like them for their low power usage, their silence, their speed
> and their price. But I have not succeeded in formatting one for a Sun,
> probably because I do not have the correct values for the /etc/format.dat
> entry.

(Sorry, forgot to mention that I run SunOS 4.1.1).

The really good answers came from (Lew Doll)
        brian%venus%cyrix@texsun.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Holgate)
        guido@topsun.West.Sun.COM (Hugo Tafel - South Bay SE)

who knew that the Maxtor is what Sun uses for 200 Mb internal drive
in the IPC. So just by telling format that the disk is "SUN0207"
all my problems with the LXT213 were solved.

Eh - I also have an LXT340. Does any of you know whether that one is
on Sun's list, too? I forgot to mention the 340 in my original letter.

A few people asked why I bother to format at all. I must admit, that I
do not quite understand why it may not be necessary to format, but anyway,
it is beside the problem. Whether I format the disk or not, I have to tell
the Sun system about the geometry of the disk!

Thank you to all who answered with verious other kinds of help and suggestions: (Martin Kelly) (Julian Dryden) (Michael Baumann) (Brent Chivers) (J. Matt Landru)m (Mark Galbraith)
        "Anthony A. Datri" <>
        Wilson N G <> (Ad S. Talwar)
        mike@trdlnk.uucp (Michael Sullivan)
        "G.ROBERTSON" <>

Happy New Year.

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