SUMMARY: Vendor for micro (Sun) to regular 50pin SCSI cable

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Date: Wed Dec 18 1991 - 17:26:54 CST

In article <> I wrote:
>Please advise me of your favorite mail order vendor for SCSI
>cables going from 50-pin micro/Sun to 50-pin regular sized

The recommendations I received are:

****************** THREE Votes ****************
CS Electronics
1342 Bell Avenue
Tustin, CA 92680
(714) 259-9100 Chris Schwartz
I haven't gotten mine yet but it was painless to order. I needed a
subminiature DB-50 from the Sun to an IDS-50 to plug into a bulkhead
plug on a ribbon cable, they charged me $48.50, quantity one. I'm
sure the cable Don describes is a standard stock item, mine had to be
custom made.
I recommend CS Electronics also. If they don't have the right cable, they
can make it for you. I had to get an internal scsi cable for a sun4/260
and it had a special 90 pin Euro connector on one end. CS Electronics
was the only place that had this type of connector available. Most other
places didn't even know what I was talking about when i described it.
Companies like Andataco get their custom cables made there. I would
give CS Electronics a thumbs up.
32 Fairview Avenue
Little Silver, NJ 07739
908 842 5757
908 842 1161 (Fax)

They have a catalog of miscellaneous Sun cables. I've never actually
bought something from them.
I bought one from NuData, (908) 842-5757 (that's in New Jersey). It's
not listed in their catalog, but the model number on the cable is 6405.
This is a mini-SCSI-II to 50-pin Centronics style, 2 feet long. I think
the price was $79.
NuData 908-842-5757 $90 6foot list

****************** TWO Votes ********
800 547 5444
Their stuff is expensive, but they can deliver next day.
Try INMAC computer supplies. They have a whole section on Workstation
needs - including various scsi cables. They can be reached at:
You might try R-Squared (415-438-0800). I think they have the best
cable prices.
I just ordered one from R Squared. I don't have the information here
(I'm at home) but they're located, I believe, in Colorado. Cost $65;
so far it's working fine.

[R Squared, Redmond, WA (206) 883-3116 is phone # from R-Squared employee]

****************** ONE Vote **** Quality Products International 1284 Knollview Drive Milpitas, CA 95035 Attention K.O. (408) 262-6096 (408) 262-6833 fax

Q. description unit price total 1 "mini-D to DB-50, 1 m. shielded SCSI Cable" $51.00 $51.00 1 "mini-D to Centronic-50, 1 m. shielded SCSI Cable" $51.00 $51.00 ===================================== Also, Artecon (800 usa- arte) sent me a DB-50/mini-D connector, same functionality and appearance as the usual rs-232 gender changers, you might inquire of them. They seem to call it x-conov. ===================================== I usually order from ATS (1-800-359-3580). They usually sell these cables when you order drives for a Sun but are willing to sell them separately (I believe the only length they carry is 6', or they tell you to call someone to custom make a cable of the desired length). ===================================== Try System Connection in Orem Utah. (800) 877-1985 =====================================

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