SUMMARY: rcp: protocol screwup: mtime.sec not delimited

From: Kevin McElearney (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1991 - 16:27:33 CST

Well I got the answer before I saw my post. Here is the question again:

>Hardware: 4/490
>OS: SunOS 4.1.1b
>I am having a problem with rcp. I have an account on machineA which I want to
>rcp files to and from machineB. machineB is not in /etc/hosts.equiv on
>machineA so I put the following line in my .rhosts file on machineA:
>machineB myBaccount
>I am able to rlogin and rsh without any problem; however, I get the following
>error during an rcp:
> rcp myAaccount@machineA:filename .
> rcp: protocol screwup: mtime.sec not delimited

The answer:

Any echo to stdout or reading from stdin in your .cshrc file will do this. This
is pretty funny since this account happened to have the Sun default .cshrc. I
deleted the .cshrc file and put in my own and it worked fine.

Thanks to

stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Hal Stern James J Dempsey

and the rest who will reply before they see this
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