SUMMARY: NEED VT340 emulation for X and PC

From: Zohreh Shahbazi (zohreh@zeus.ICD.Teradyne.COM)
Date: Fri Dec 20 1991 - 16:19:04 CST

Thanks to all that responded.

Sorry about the delay for summary. It took me a while to find
what I needed.

My original Posting:

> I am looking for a PUBLIC DOMAIN vt200 or vt340 emulation software
> that will run on openwindows and one that would run on PC's.
> Thanks,
> Zohreh


For PC:
        Almost everyone suggested MS-Kermit V3.11

        I haven't played with it yet.

For Openwindows:
        Most people suggested playing with keymap resources for xterm.

        I could not find any ready-to-use public domain software that
        does vt340 emulation for openwindows, but found out accidentally
        that it was included in a decnet software package that we
        had purchased from Ki Research.

        The following commercial packages are available:

        TE320 from Sun Microsystems: It was announced recently. I have
                not seen or worked with it.

        Ki Research: The vt340 emulation is included in the kinet
                package from this company. I loaded it on our system,
                and tried it. It works great. It is probably the best
                vtxxx emulator I have seen so far.

>From Tue Dec 3 20:20:13 1991:

For the PC, try MS-Kermit (latest version is V3.11, patch 7?)

For openwindows...depends how much of a vt200/vt340 you want.
You could try playing around with the keymap resources for xterm...
>From Wed Dec 4 04:48:07 1991

kermit works fine on a PC and does pretty good vt340 emulation.
>From Wed Dec 4 13:34:54 1991

Look at jet in the OpenWindows Demo directory -- I'm told it's a
better-than-average vt100 emulation, but some of the docs imply it does vt330.

Also, Der Mouse at McGill has a 330 emulator, mterm.
>From Wed Dec 4 13:35:18 1991

        In regards to your vt220 emulation requirements. Under X we just
use xterm and override the function key strings with resources. This works
on an NCD16 but it should work with any server. The only thing we cant do
is the double height characters. I can send you the resource file if you
want I don't have it on this machine at the moment.
        For PC's I believe that the NCSA telnet does a good vt220 emulation
or winqvt (for ms windows) is also very good. Winqvt only works over a
packet driver and is also a telnet.

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