SUMMARY: SPARC printer problem

From: Connie Peterman (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1991 - 18:49:28 CST

It turns out that NewSprint 2.0 (out "soon" according to the Sun support person,
no idea on when "soon" is) can print files generated by a NeXT. Looks like
we'll need the update.



Sun SPARC Printer being served from a Sparc 2. Printer serves Sun 3/50's,
ELC's, Sparc 2's, and 1 NeXT machine.

        SunOS 4.1.1
        NeWSprint 1.0
        OpenWindows 2.0
        NeWSprint interpreter version 2.1

NeXT: Uses PS-Adobe-2.0


PostScript files generated by the NeXT cause the following error message
from the SPARC printer:

%%[ Error: Message: Process: 0x29feb4 (Unnamed process) Error: undefined
Stack: /Times-Roman vm('X11/NeWS server pool')
Executing: sharedvm
At: {currentvm *sharedvm 'eq'}
In: {'pop' *currentshared}
In: {/currentshared 'where' array{2} array{1} *'ifelse' array{2} array{24} 'ifelse'}
In: Reading file(?,W,R)
/Times-Roman vm('X11/NeWS server pool')

The manuals imply that if you can use pageview to preview the file,
then the file should successfully print. From OpenWindows, with the
pageview command, I can successfully preview the postscript file.
This file prints successfully on our QMS and Apple Lasers but not on
the SPARC printer.

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