The REAL summary: Problem with _XtInitialize from X11R4 on SPARCstation

From: Mike Hannon; UCD Physics; (916)-752-4966 (MIKE@UCDHEP.UCDAVIS.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 18 1991 - 21:36:47 CST

I recently posted a query as to why I couldn't link an application (spice)
against some X11R4 libraries I had recently built. Specifically, I got the
message: Undefined symbol: _XtInitialize

I then gave a summary of responses I had received, along with my own
``solution'', which was to disable the use of the shareable object and link
against the libXt.a file.

In response to my summary, several people (Per Hedeland, David Boyd, and
James Hsieh) pointed out that I seemed to be missing the corresponding ".sa"
file. I.e., I *should* have had:


(I tend to pay more attention to summaries than to original messages myself.)
This was exactly the problem: I had simply not moved the ".sa" file from the
X11 build area when I moved the rest of the libraries. I knew that in some
cases both ".so" and ".sa" files were required; I just wasn't careful. Thanks
to these people and to others who took the time to respond.

                                        - Mike

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