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From: Thomas Weihrich (
Date: Thu Dec 19 1991 - 21:00:26 CST

Hi everybody and thanks for the overwhelming amount of replies.
I will continue to gather all replies to post a complete summary.

The answers can be divided into 2 categories.

1) Nothing has been decided yet
        2 replies, no comment

2) the C compiler will be unbundled and expensive.
        Old Applications (4.1.2 and earlier) will not run on 5.0
        There will be no GNU compiler for Sun 4 running SunOS 5.0
        SunOS won't be any cheaper without the C-compiler

My comment on this subject:

Frankly I am pissed (sorry about bad language).
I have liked Sun systems for their (Sun) observing standards.
I despise them for hacking the firmware of their CDROM and I hate them
for what they are doing to the OS.
I am not willing to haul out some thousand USD for a C-compiler, which is
a unix standard tool. I am not willing to haul out even more bucks to buy
the CDROM just in order to be able to install their new OS.
I could live with 4.1.1 or 4.1.2, but to my mind a company which does
indeed care a damn about the needs of their customers is just not worth
to be considered as a machine vendor.

As I cannot compile a decent window system - I am talking about X11 Release 5
- on SunOS 5.0 without paying many thousand USD for a C-compiler and a CDROM,
I'll probably rather dump my sparc than run Openwindows 3.

What I'll be doing is this:
I'll dump my Sparc Station somewhere to buy a Decstation 5000.
I won't recommend Sparcstations for serious work.

This is not just sarcasm. This is the conclusion that a unix administrator
(I am an administrator of the unix network of Augsburg University, Computing
Centre) reaches.

I'll post a neutral, unbiased summary, as there seems to be enough interest.

The views given above are my personal views.

Standard disclaimers apply.


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