SUMMARY: 2nd monochrome frame buffer + monitor?

From: Andrew Scherpbier (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1991 - 23:21:49 CST

My original question was:

> The question is: Is it possible to use 2 bwtwo devices in one machine?
> I know it is possible to use a bwtwo and a cg<whatever>, but what about
> two of the same type? Is it like a (YUCK!!!) PC where you can have both a
> mono and color card, but not two mono cards?
> I haven't actually looked at the bwtwo board; is there some way to have it
> use another address?

I got several replies. All of them basically said that there is no problem
since the SBUS determines the address by the slotnumber the card is in.
Also, the consensus was that I would have to use makedev to create the new
device node.

Thanks for the replies.
If someone wants a list of the people who sent me mail, let me know.


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