Summary: Booting a new 690mp

From: Don Baune 581-6088 MIRL (
Date: Fri Dec 27 1991 - 14:11:30 CST


Thanks for the quick response. Two even before I got my question.
It appears that our machine is DOA. Based on that after I checked
the NVRAm settings and executing the

boot cdrom

the OS is read in from the cd and then as it begins to interigate the system,
somewhere between the IPI controller and the date from the mother board the
machine goes south for the winter.

I did receive on response that indicated that

"For the most part there are no differences. There are a lot of bug
fixes between 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and that is about all. No user visible

So the old manual set should work for most things.

No answer on the Sunos Release manual and installing system software as to
if they should have been included with the system. I have ordered a set
just in case from sun express.


Thanks to
Anthony A. Datri <>
Paul Graham <>
tgsmith@spdev.East.Sun.COM (Timothy G. Smith)

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