SUMMARY : NFS mount problem on PCs

From: Eckhard Rueggeberg (
Date: Tue Dec 10 1991 - 08:42:12 CST

The original question was concerning Wollogong PathWay Client NFS Option
Rel 1.1, whether one has to supply a password for every mount of an
exported file system, even for nobody read-only rights.

The answers were :

- That software had security problems, at least about a year ago, use
  PC-NFS from Sun.
- Supply the password needed for every mount from a file with DOS input
- It does require password. You can supply the password only in security
  compromising ways.
- If nobody has no password (i.e. nobody::-2:-2::/:NONE), you can
  mount with "mount d: \\hostname\/exported/path nobody []"

As I don't want to have a non-password account on my machines, and I don't
want to write it neither on the command line nor in a separate file, I'll
sit down and write a little C program where the password of nobody is hidden
somehow in the binary, simply calling the mount program with that passwd.

Thanks to :

Michael S. Maiten <msm@Energetic.COM>
"Andrew Luebker" <> (Oran Davis) (Ian Johnson CMIM)

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