Purdue-modified dump/restore - SUMMARY

From: Karl A. Anderson (karl@thuja.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Dec 10 1991 - 09:58:46 CST

In article <1991Dec2.151936@thuja.gsfc.nasa.gov> I write:
>I got the source for the Purdue-modified 4.3BSD dump/restore
>software (with the modifications to allow dumping an active
>filesystem), and tried to build it on a Sun SPARCstation2 running
>OS 4.1.1. Dump compiled ok, but restore has some problems with
>the source code. Has anybody gotten this built on a Sun? TIA.

I've gotten a lot of email from people who want to know where they
can get this code, etc., so I'm posting this update:

I got the dump/restore code from
ftp.cs.colorado.edu in
Here's what I learned from Ingo Cyliax [cyliax@ecn.purdue.edu]:
>Actually, here at ECN/Purdue we just add the changes to the 4.1.1
>dump instead of using 4.3Bsd dump. I'm not sure that it's a good
>idea to use 4.3 Dump on a SunOS 4.1.? filesystem, they are a bit

Here's what I told him:
+ If you made even the binaries generally available, you'd be a hero
+ on the net. If you don't want to take the trouble, I can put it
+ under anonymous ftp here.
Here's what he said 8-(:
>The 'people in the say' here aren't comfortable with the idea of
>giving out binaries. I guess they are worried about liability,
>non-disclosure etc.. I'll ask some more.
Well, maybe the 4.3BSD stuff will work on a Sun. Steven Winikoff
[smw@alcor.concordia.ca] has succeeded in compiling it after making
the following changes to restore/tape.c:
# diff tape.c.original tape.c
< char c_addr[256];

>                       char    c_addr_[256];
<       bcopy(u_ospcl.s_ospcl.c_addr, buf->c_addr, (long)256);
>       bcopy(u_ospcl.s_ospcl.c_addr_, buf->c_addr, (long)256);
Winikoff is now testing the modified code.  Contact him for 
additional information.
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