SUMMARY: update /etc/holidays with new holidays

From: Dale Wyttenbach (
Date: Wed Dec 11 1991 - 08:38:39 CST

First of all, if all that is desired is to stop getting those messages,
just keep the year in the holidays file up to date. (edit the file
every New Years Day). Of course, the holidays will be on the wrong dates,
but at least the messages go away.

In <jim.692401779@chimera> (Jim Levie) writes:
>How bout "date '%j' 911225" for the julian date of Dec 25, 1991???

This is helpful, but it can't tell me the date of, for example,
Memorial Day in 1992.

Here's an interesting bit of folklore from Guy Harris:

>...somebody at AT&T, as I remember, explained that they just didn't
>see the need for having the S5 accounting software let you specify
>holidays by month and day because, after all, *they* all got
>calendars with the day-of-year of every date in it - what's wrong
>with *your* employer?

Now, if I can find a program that calculates the dates of the holidays
kept in /etc/holidays, I'll write one that reads /etc/holidays into
/usr/spool/calendar/callog.wytten: My cm (calendar manager, a nifty tool
that comes with openwindows) config file.

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