SUMMARY: Can a Sparcstation SLC have more than 16 Mbytes?

From: dan@BBN.COM
Date: Fri Dec 13 1991 - 03:32:05 CST

The answer: The only way to go beyond 16 Mbytes in an SLC is to
upgrade it to an ELC. Not even 3rd-party memory supplier Clearpoint
(I called them) offers a way to do go beyond 16 Mbytes on an SLC

Sun offers an ELC upgrade. I have not investigated the price
(since I think it very unlikely we'll go that route).

Here are some edited-down summaries, ending with a detailed description
of the ELC and the upgrade from SunFLASH. In addition to the people listed
below, I received replies from

        "George A. Planansky" <>
        Jason Ornstein <>
        Steve Lushing <>
        Jim Dempsey <>

Thanks to everyone who replied.

        Dan Franklin

 From: oliveau@tdycapd (Greg Oliveau)

    16MB is the max...

 From: Doug Neuhauser <>


 From: Marcel Bernards <>

    According to my information , it's not possible to exceed the 16 MB limit
    on an SLC now. (36 bits 4Mb simms)

    The ELC can, but they use the new 33 bits 16 MB simms (as the IPX).

    The only thing you can do now is to order an SLC->ELC update.
    In fact, it's just a new board plugged in the back of your SLC.
    It roughly doubles your performance.

 From: mark galbraith <deltam!dm!>

    As far as I know, you have max'd out this SLC. The SLC is only able
    to use 4Mb SIMMs and there are only four slots.

 From: Guy Boudreault <>

    By upgrading your SLC to an ELC you could use the ney 16Mb. SIMM available.
    You can put 64Mb. total in the new machine

    I include a SunFlash article on the upgrade.

    Good luck.

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 Analyste de systeme (UNIX)| 3744 rue Jean-Brillant, bureau 500
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                                                         The Florida SunFlash
                           SPARCstation ELC
 SunFLASH Vol 31 #25 July 1991
 - Industry's highest performance, entry-level monochrome RISC workstation
 - 20.3 SPECmarks and 21 MIPS in an enhanced CPU-in-monitor package
 - Up to 64MB of RAM using 4 and 16-Mbyte SIMMs
 - New "pop-top" CPU access door for easy service,
   memory upgrades, and customer installable system board
 Available Configurations:
 - Diskless, 8-Mbyte ELC (4/25FM-8)
 - New 8-Mbyte ELC diskfull package
   with 207-Mbyte Desktop Disk Pack (4/25FM-8-P45)
 - SPARCstation SLC board-swap upgrade to SPARCstation ELC
   available (UG4/20-Q)
 The SPARCstation ELC is Sun's high performance, entry-level replacement
 for the SPARCstation SLC. The ELC is targeted for Sun's most price
 sensitive customers in DBMS, Document Image Processing, Software
 Development and Education. The heart of the ELC is a new integrated
 SPARC integer and floating point unit. The new SPARC chip represents
 Sun's highest level of integration to date and delivers sustained
 performance of 20.3 SPECmarks, 21 MIPS and 3 DP MFLOPS.
 Like the SPARCstation SLC, the ELC utilizes a small, convection cooled,
 17" monochrome monitor package, but includes some important
 improvements. The ELC display provides antiglare, antistatic, and
 anti-magnetic properties which comply with German GS and Swedish
 MPR--two of the world's toughest benchmarks for ergonomics and health.
 In addition, the monitor enclosure has been modified to include a "pop
 top" CPU access door. This door snaps off to allow E-Z service,
 memory upgrades, and customer installation of the system board. No tools
 are required.
 The SPARCstation ELC is a higher performance version of its predecessor
 with several important improvements. It is positioned as a
 client/server workstation alternative to minicomputer-attached
 terminals and networked PCs where color, SBus expansion, and internal
 storage are not required. Like all Sun workstations, the ELC is also
 available in a cost effective file server configuration.
   Features Benefits
 33 Mhz SPARC integrated * Economical integer and floating
 integer and floating point unit; point power for image decompression
 20.3 SPECmarks(21 MIPS/3 MFLOPS) program compilation, and front-end
                                          database processing
 8-64MB memory (8-Mbyte standard, * Growth headroom for memory-
 64-Mbytes maximum) intensive applications
                                         * Users can upgrade in 4 and
                                           16-Mbyte increments
 17-inch, 100 dpi, monochrome monitor * Displays crisp, affordable, bit-
 with antiglare treatment mapped images while reducing
                                           eye strain and fatigue
 Convection-cooled monitor package * Saves valuable desktop real estate
                                           and provides a quiet, productive
 "Pop-Top" CPU access door * Permits E-Z service and memory
                                           upgrades - no tools necessary
 SCSI-2 port * Flexibility to add up to 5.2 G-bytes
                                           of local disk, 150-Mbyte and 2.3
                                           G-Byte tape drives, CD-ROM, and other
                                           SCSI options
 2 RS232C Serial ports * Local access to modems, printers,
  -Port A Async/Sync/Modem control scanners, and other serial devices
  -Port B Async only(requires serial
   splitter cable, X985Q)
 Ethernet port * Standard access to heterogeneous,
                                           client-server network computing
 Audio I/O port(internal speaker) * Equipped for multi-media mail and
                                           other applications which utilize
                                           audio I/O
 FCC Class "B" certification * Meets FCC radio frequency
                                           interference guidelines for
                                           home, office, and dormitory use
 Swedish MPR and GS-Mark * Meets world's most stringent
                                           requirements for health and ergonomics
 SCD 1.1 Compliant * Assures compatibility with systems
                                           branded SCD 1.1 compliant by SPARC

                         SPARCstation SLC to ELC Upgrade

 Board-Swap upgrade from SLC * Nearly doubles compute performance
                                         * Delivers 4X memory capacity
                                         * Supports SPARCstation SLC SIMMs
                                         * Board-Swap takes minutes
 SPARCstation ELC requires SunOS 4.1.1
 What are the major differences between the SPARCstation ELC and the
 SPARCstation SLC ? What stays the same ?
  Here's a list of the major enhancements:
     + More Processing Power
         20.3 SPECmarks vs. 8.8
         21 MIPS vs. 13.5
         3 MFLOPS(DP) vs. 1.5
         Integrated IU/FPU @ 33MHz vs. Separate IU/FPU @ 20MHz
         SS2 chip-set (cache, DMA, etc.) vs. SS1 chip-set
     + Packaged configuration with 207-Mbyte Desktop Disk Pack
     + More Memory
         64MB Max vs. 16MB Max
         X33 SIMMs (4 and 16-Mbytes) vs. X36 SIMMs (4-Mbyte only)
     + Easier Expandability and Serviceability
         "Pop-Top" CPU access door for service and memory upgrades
     + Customer Installable system board
         "Pop-Top" allows customer installation of system board
     + Better Ergonomics
         Antiglare Treatment (GS-Mark)
         Antimagnetics and Antistatic (Swedish MPR)
     + More Agency Approvals
         VCCI 2 (ICON Requirement)
         FCC B(University Dorms, Homes)
     + SunOS
         SPARCstation ELC requires SunOS 4.1.1
  Here's what stays the same:
     SCSI-2, Serial (using same splitter cable), Ethernet, and Audio ports
     1152x900, 100 dpi, monochrome display; Convection-cooled,
     CPU-in-the-monitor design
 The 17" SLC monitor has been re-designed to make installing the
 SPARCstation ELC system board fast, efficient and simple.
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